LittleRed Studies

A thought provoking exploration of event management practices
in order to create better, meaningful, more memorable experiences.

I'm Vicky, Founder of LittleRed and I'm fascinated by how to create the perfect event.

I believe that there is a huge need to develop conversation and new educational material around the concept of experience and user journey, to compliment existing theory on the more practical elements of Event Management.

For this purpose - and in order to inform my own LittleRed retreats - I want to share my thoughts on the topic with the hope it will be useful for existing Event Managers, and those pursing a career in this field, for years to come.

There is Magic Missing from Events Management

[An Extract]

"In Art we have curators, who select and interpret individual works of art and pull them together to make a collection to be experienced as a whole. Why then can't we have experience curators, those that pull together the hyper organised with fantastic makers, all the time focusing on the final collection, the poetry of the collaboration, the experience.

This thinking is what led me to identify as an Experience Curator and it opened doors to further thought. If events are more than just logistics and execution, and personal experiences improve the better you are understood, what then is the formula for perfection?"

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